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General Interior Design Ideas

1. Interior Design Styles (18 Different Styles)

If you prefer searching for interior designs by style, we have a detailed page setting out the 18 different types of interior design styles (a.k.a home decor styles).  From that page you can click into our massive galleries organized by style.

2. Flooring Ideas

We’ve published extensive home flooring articles to help you select the best floor material and color for your home.  We have general flooring information as well as flooring suggestions by room.

3. Lighting Ideas

Lighting fixtures and type of light you choose is very important to the mood of interior design as well as functional considerations (i.e. sufficient light for tasks in the room).

We take lighting for indoors and outdoors very seriously.  Combined, our massive library of lighting ideas articles puts forward 201 lighting ideas.

4. Furniture Ideas

This gets you to our collection of articles and galleries about home furniture – living room, bedroom, home office and other furniture.  For small furniture ideas, click here.

5. Appliances Ideas

We buy and test a lot of appliances, specifically smaller kitchen appliances.  We have big plans to do more extensive small appliance testing going forward.  It’s a passion to test and discover the best appliances for a variety of purposes.  While it’s a great deal of work, we believe it’s a worthy pursuit because our testing helps readers buy the best appliance models for your needs.  For compact appliance ideas, click here.

6. Ceilings

In addition to our large and growing ceiling section we discuss the different types of ceilings here.  There are several types of ceilings to consider for every room… although while most rooms will have a regular 8 to 10 foot tall flat ceiling, you may wish to splurge on something more spectacular for your living room and/or primary bedroom or great room.

9. Wall Art

Wall art can enhance most rooms of your home, especially living spaces (living rooms, family rooms etc.), dining rooms, foyers and bedrooms.  These days with print on demand, you have many awesome options including styles, materials, sizes and more.

10. Dishware

Dishware is a decor element of your home, specifically the dining room and kitchen tables.

We published a massive series of articles on dishware, cutlery, plates, glassware and more.

11. Pillows

Pillows can also contribute to the aesthetics of a home for pretty much every sitting area and of course bedrooms.  There are many types of pillows to choose from varied by shape, material and style.


Ванная комната и туалет занимают всего 4,2 кв.м, но у дизайнеров получилось расположить здесь не только душевую кабину с раковиной и унитазом, но и стиральную машину со шкафом для хранения мелочей.

Все коммуникации зашиты в короба из гипсокартона и облицованы керамогранитом Kerama Marazzi. Зона с зеркалом и раковиной объединена с системой хранения угловой деревянной столешницей. Чёрный смеситель Timo Selene, душевая стойка Dorf Comfort и фурнитура на фасадах шкафов составляют контраст спокойному оформлению и выглядят очень стильно.

Для отделки также использовалась краска Tikkurila Euro Trend в оттенке K446. Душевой уголок от Erlit Comfort, унитаз с инсталляцией от Cersanit.


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Зонирование выполнено за счёт большого раскладного дивана Scandica. Он выступает дополнительным спальным местом для гостей. Шторы, подушки и ковёр придают  помещению уюта, а композиция из молдингов добавляет обстановке изящества. 

На полу гостиной уложен ламинат Egger, стены покрыты краской Tikkurila. Тумба под телевизор и столик куплены в ИКЕА, подвесной светильник над обеденной зоной – в Ambrella Light, декор – в ZARA Home и H&M Home.

Users Review

  • I love it!!

    I love this app it is wonderful, I can design and that is what I live to do, i can design any room I can think of. I would maybe like to make 1 suggestion of adding and option for exterior design also that would make the app just a bucket load of fun!!
  • The perfect assistant to the Floorplanner

    I can’t imagine my working life without the desktop floorplanner and the App! I LOVE THIS APP. Because I can just upload my rendered empty rooms and design different layouts for my clients in an EASY and FAST way, when I am in the metro or lining up for my coffee. One word: AWESOME!
  • It’s amazing

    This game is amazing because go get to design a room of your Choice, everything is free and it is amazing quality. I totally recommend this game to everyone.
  • Hooray! It’s back

    We are real estate professionals in South Florida.This has always been the easiest to use and most effective virtual design software. Homestyler is our first choice when staging. It helps Buyers visualize what the space can become. You made my day today when I found this back in the App Store. Hooray!
  • Senoria

    I’m a retired designer that works sometimes with friends and associates. I enjoy this app because it keeps me active and all creative juices flow. I’m so glad I’ve downloaded Homestyler, you’ve even added more rooms and scenery. Thanks so much!!! Keep up the good work of improving, with all Sincerity

    I made a review a while ago and I asked if they can add some more stuff and they did. Thank you so much for this app and add more things every once in a while it is awsome.
  • Favorite App

    I have always loved to design interiors, but I haven’t been able to fine an app that could really allow me to be creative. Until, I found this app.Praise to creators for the constant update dates, floor plans, and furniture! Definitely 5 stars!
  • Very relaxing

    Great fun designing your own rooms from photos or empty spaces provided.My favorite home design app.
  • Fantastic! !

    Absolutely Love Homestyler!I have been using it for a couple years and the recent improvements are fantastic!
  • Love!!!

    Truly enjoy this app! Great variety of materials and design products.Many templates to choose from.I can spend hours enjoying this app
  • Great all around

    It cost you no money, and has great features, like customizing your OWN rooms, you can take picture and put things in it, try it out.Now other design games can cost you a lot of money, but this one is completely free! It’s great.It has amazing rooms to choose from and categorizes the decorations, or you could just search them.

  • Why I love this game

    This game is really good because you make any time of room you want. You can even make a little bathroom and living room. It tells you to put your password in but everyone has to do that.

Спальня с гардеробом

В небольшой комнате для отдыха уместилась двуспальная кровать, по бокам которой расположились приставные тумбы. Акцентная стена в изголовье выделена сложным оливковым цветом и деревянными рейками, выкрашенными в тон.

Благодаря симметричному расположению мебели спальня кажется больше.

Напротив кровати обустроена ТВ-зона, совмещённая с комодом и письменным столом. Столешница также служит основой для туалетного столика. Почти вся мебель куплена в ИКЕА, кровать заказана в «Лайф Мебель». Текстиль приобретен в ZARA Home и H&M Home.

Слева от входной двери сконструирована гардеробная с тремя раздвижными дверями, которые экономят место в проходе. Внутреннее наполнение продумано до мелочей, поэтому гардеробная легко вмещает всю одежду и сезонные вещи.

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